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That sounds better than homeless, doesn’t it? Although it’s not totally true we now have a chunk of cash in our account instead of a house. Cash may not keep us warm tonight, but it will certainly make buying a boat a lot easier. But not just yet…

Today was an awesome exercise for us. We won’t give away our new address, to keep the internet stalkers at bay. What I can say though is that our new place is a whole lot smaller than the big elevated bungalow that we just passed on to Shawn and Heather (hope you are having fun in your new digs, guys!). With the construction of a variety of new shelves, some patience and ingenuity, our new home is now organized. Can’t wait to repeat this process on a boat sometime in the near future.

We have made plans to visit Anthony in Toronto next weekend to see his PDQ 32. Both Rebecca and I are really looking forward to this. The catamaran is at the Toronto Multihull Cruising Club, which we didn’t even know existed. Extra cool!

During our cruising course we had extra fun getting through the bridge in the photo above because only one side was able to open! Can you spell “ dismasted?”