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The British Virgin Islands (BVIs), with their beautiful clear water and numerous enjoyable anchorages, remain one of our favorite stopping points on our trip south. It was also the first place that we had an actual guest on board our boat when our friend Christian paid us a visit. For those of you who have been reading this blog for that long, you may recall that Christian, an old martial arts friend of ours, was on a “walk-about” of sorts, traveling around the world from Jiu-jitsu gym to Jiu-jitsu gym. Although he didn’t get much training in during the week that he spent with us, we did have some fun times!

Christian, who is now back home in Denmark, has just released a book that chronicles his travels and it is available from Amazon both in paperback and electronic formats. Although I have yet to purchase a copy, I guarantee that The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter will be the next book that I buy. If you’ve ever dreamed of taking off for a year or so to simply pursue your passion, perhaps you should give the book a read too?

Christian and Rebecca at the full-moon party at Bomba’s on Tortola. I’m curious to see if he remembered enough from this night to actually write about it!


  1. Reading the sample on Amazon, it’s not easy to read because of his overuse of commas. You have to learn to not see them or else some of the sentences don’t make sense if you’re pausing at each one. He should have had an editor.

    • That may be true and I do appreciate your help in editing our book but I should point out that Christian’s first language is Danish, not English. I’m sure that in spite of any minor issues, which would probably go unnoticed for those less practiced at proofreading, the book would still be very enjoyable.

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