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For many people, playing music, as opposed to just listening to it, is a huge part of their lives. Living on a boat must present its own set of challenges when it comes to musical instruments, primarily, I imagine, relating to the weight and space issue, and moisture. For example, one would obviously need a pretty large boat to fit a full size piano on it. An electronic keyboard could possibly be a suitable compromise though. Looking for something smaller than a piano? One of the blogs we frequent, Boat Bits, has made several posts about having guitars on board. Smaller still? My good friend Adam recently sent me a message all excitedly telling me that he had the perfect thing for us on our boat, a Ukulele!

Even smaller than a Ukulele though is an instrument that I already have in my possession: a harmonica. The beauty and convenience of a harmonica has always appealed to me, and thus I have a couple on hand along with some instructional books to go with them. I anticipate that I’ll have a fair amount of time to learn to play once we set off. Hopefully Rebecca will be able to tolerate the learning curve, or I fear that either I, or the instruments, may end up taking an unwanted swim at some point. 🙂

Here is someone I can aspire to play like, Grandpa Elliott


  1. Well Rebecca -you have my sympathy! Not like you can go in another room to get away from practice -at least it’s not a violin

    • We have already decided that if Rebecca needs a “time out,” for whatever reason, she will just get into the dingy and I will tow her with an extra long painter. 😉

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