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T-shirts, towels, mugs, hats… we keep seeing more and more cruisers who have a full complement of custom swag featuring the name of their boat. And to be honest, we’re a bit jealous. Perhaps we should get some of our own? Or better yet, perhaps we should let others share in the fun too?

Bonus: Purchase something from our online store and we’ll happily buy you a free beer or rum punch. You only need to come here to collect.

SUPER BONUS: To the FIRST person who purchases something from our store and sends us a photo wearing the item, we will take him/her sailing with us for an entire weekend, FREE! Again, you only need to catch up with us to collect. How’s that for a deal?

****Bonus marks if the above-mentioned photo includes the pink ZTC Woman’s Boy Briefs. 😉


  1. Neat!! We have a site like this under construction – but just slacked off… Good luck with the sales!!

  2. From what you’ve been saying about the rum down in Grenada, Mike, I think it’d be a good laugh to have at least one of those (a shirt if you’re feeling conservative, the underwear if not) prefixed with “If found, please return to” 😉

  3. Trust me…you do NOT want to see me in the pink ZTC Women’s boy briefs. 🙂

  4. I am going for the thong…Ship it quick!!!!

  5. Becareful what you wish for….I might need some rum prior to putting on some of those items and getting out the camera.

  6. Just ordered the tong and t shirt

  7. Caps and visors please!!! I do like that messenger bag!

  8. Cool. You should do well. We make a coup[le hundred bux a month on Cafepress.

  9. I’d have to lose another 75-80 lbs and about 40 years to wear any of that stuff! Nothing for fat old ladies there!

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