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Nothing goes to windward like a 747. That is a very popular expression amongst cruisers. Although the jets we’ll be on later today are a bit smaller than a 747, I suspect we’ll find that they will travel to windward equally well, certainly much better than the sailboat that we’re used to traveling on. Our trip to California, although short, was wonderful and we were overjoyed to finally be able to hold our new granddaughter in our arms. Demi is a beautiful, happy baby and our daughter Cass and her husband Robbie are doing a fantastic job in providing her with a loving home to grow up in. We are very happy for them.

It was great to have everyone together.

Nana Rocks! Like we didn’t all know that already.

As most of you would expect, we took advantage of the shopping opportunities in the US to pick up a few things that are hard to acquire in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, one of the shipments of boat parts that we were expecting contained the wrong stuff. Oh wellโ€ฆ at least they didn’t ship the incorrect items all the way to the islands!

Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s.
If only we could bring back a couple dozen bottles of this with us.

I woke to find that I had been pushed to the edge of the bed.
This was who was doing the pushing!

If all goes well, tomorrow’s blog entry will once again be posted from tropical St. Martin. There are a few things that we want to accomplish before we set sail from SXM, some work related and others recreational. Of course, we’ll be sure to post all the dirty details so that those who are interested can vicariously join in the fun.

Cass and Demi joined us for our final aeroSling workout.

Demi was a big help, providing me with some extra resistance.

“I’m done with my set. It’s your turn now.”


  1. Have noticed you using the aero sling lately. Do you prefer that over the TRX?

  2. All in all, a great trip. Glad you two had a good time with the kidlet.

    Now get back to sailing would you?


  3. I see Demi is prepping to take over the family business.
    Ready to take it to the next level!
    She is absolutely adorable. You have a beautiful family Mike.
    In the end, good things happen for good peeps and you guys are good peeps!!!!!!


    • I read that post and I agree. I fully realize that what I write can affect others. For this reason, I am particularly careful when I write something negative about a product, place or person. I don’t believe in being untrue though so if something is crap and I can help prevent someone else from being negatively affected by it, I feel compelled to post about it.

  4. Love this! thank you guys so much for coming it was really fun!

  5. Never get in the way of a pit bull. In addition to giving out unconditional love, they really only want to rest their tender pitty bodies on the softest pillows and blankets. I know this because we put up with it every single night. I’m just thankful that we have a queen size berth. And, honestly, I don’t think your grand daughter can be anything but adorable in every single picture she’s in (I apologize for referring to her by her middle name in an earlier comment and thank you for not calling me on the carpet for it!).

  6. Beautiful family, beautiful pictures. Your granddaughter is adorable!

  7. Just in case you wondered where that expression,”Nothing goes to weather like a 747,” may have come from, Canadian singer songwriter Eileen Quinn penned that line for one of her songs, namely, “Going Home” on her “Miss Inclined” album.

    As cruisers we really enjoy her song lyrics, as they capture the experience perfectly. If you have not heard her stuff, you might want to check it out, since you are out there now doing it!

    D & Don Wogaman

    • Hi guys

      I actually searched that quote before I used it and I saw it attributed in many places to a Tracy Ross (I’m not sure that is). I actually should have credited it in my post. Perhaps Eileen got it from her or vice versa? Regardless, it’s a good quote and yes, I have heard some of Eileen’s music. The lyrics are pretty good although it’s not typically the type of music that I listen to.

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