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Even though we’ve enjoyed our time in Cali visiting with our family, it’s time to move on again. The image below shows our proposed route. I say proposed because just like last time, we may alter it as the miles tick by. We have plotted a course that is about 90% different from that which we took on the way to CA. We definitely want to see as much of the country as we can in the short amount of time we have available.

While we’re out driving in the desert, check out this super cool looking project that was just shared with us. Ziphius: The Aquatic Drone looks like it could be a lot of fun for us techie boater types, and I’m sure it could have some practical uses too. You’ll note that the Ziphius link takes you to their Kickstarter page which shows that they are still seeking funding to begin production. If you like the project and contribute, you can apparently get one of the first models off the line. Check out the right hand side bar of that page to see what I’m talking about. And of course, watch the cool video below.


  1. Try not to miss Lake Havasu, lots of trailer sailer folks there…have a contact for you if your interested..I’m sure he would take you out on his boat, cool place. Also dont miss the grand canyon…and you must hike down at least to indian gardens.

    • I don’t think we’re going to have time to do any sailing, Terry, but thanks. We have plotted a course to take us by the Grand Canyon. What our visit amounts to we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. I grew up in Arizona, and there is another place just south of Flagstaff called Slide Rock in Sedona we use to go to as kids. Its worth a visit if you have time. Your corvette will love the drive through Sedona, its some of the prettiest country in Arizona. Do try to make an effort to do a short hike down the Grand Canyon…you will remember that hike all your life….Enjoy your tour…TL

  3. Zach just saw the kick starter video with me and said, “Does Santa Claus make high tech stuff in his shop too?” I smell a ZTC sponsor!

  4. That video of Basse Falls looks cool. I like going to places like that. The other place I have alway wanted to go is Havasupai Falls. It a bit out of the way from the Grand Canyon, and may require advance booking through the indian tribe that own the land and only allow so many people to visit. So much to see and so little time…such is life…you may have to plan to travel around USA in an RV in your future and follow the routes of so many cruisers….TL

  5. Excuse me? What is the Rush? You both have the rest of your Lives to Slow Down and ‘Smell the Roses”!……You only get to live This life Once…..Just as well Enjoy It All. At a Sllllooowwwweeerrrr pace.

  6. Thanks for the post about Ziphius. 🙂
    Hope it gets funded 🙂

  7. Looks like a decent route through Colorado. Don’t know if you have time or like older trains but this might be fun for you The drive through Ouray is also very nice…a must have the top down (and camera ready) trip. Since I know you like hiking, you might check out some of these (just keep in mind the air is thinner):

    Oh…and as you enter Colorado, note the irony of the welcome sign in that location compared to say..the Durango through Ouray drive. 😉

    Have a fun and safe trip.

  8. With only 2 weeks to go before you have to be on station, with all your extra kit, to take over the boat somewhere in the Islands, you must be SPRINTING I should think.



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