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After casting off from our mooring ball at Christmas Cove yesterday morning, we moved One Love the short distance to Compass Point Marina. Our friends Steve and Deb were already on the dock with their boat Alternate Latitude, also preparing for a charter. The day for all of us was spent shopping and cleaning, and this morning will be filled with more of the same. Hopefully our guests have an uneventful trip down here. A week of good times is waiting for them!

As during previous charters, posts on this blog may be a bit more scarce while we have guests on board. Because of the ease of posting from our iPhone though, I usually am able to keep updates coming on the Zero To Cruising Facebook page, and the One Love Facebook page. If you’re eager to hear how things are going for us, please check there.


  1. Hope your guest arent coming from the SouthEast. Weather is slamming the area and headed to the NorthEast. Cheers to another good Charter for One Love!

  2. Do you guys have AIS on One Love? I found a website that gives free AIS info was trying to find you guys on there but no luck.

  3. Have a good trip guys. Wish we were still there to help out.

  4. Enjoy your week. I am sure it will go well with all the preparation work that both of you put in prior to the arrival of your guests.
    Excellent sunset picture.

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