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Each Sunday in Grenada a group of cruisers would get together for an informal jam session of sorts and from time to time, Rebecca and I would attend and participate. Yesterday, a similar event took place here in Bequia and even though it’s been quite a while since we’ve been in Grenada and even longer since we took part in one of those get-togethers, it was fun to go and we were happy to see some familiar faces.

The “right” music has a way of brightening just about anyone’s day and we enjoy having some tunes playing on ZTC when we’re exercising, sailing, doing chores or just hanging out. Our primary source for this music is the car stereo that we installed. It can accept an input from a USB drive or our iPods and will blast the tunes as loudly as we like. When we are out on the trampoline though, working out or lounging around, we prefer to use the portable iPod player that we brought with us from Canada. That way we’re not “entertaining” the entire anchorage. Unfortunately, that stereo has pretty much given up the ghost, begging for a replacement. We think this is the one…

The wireless Jawbone Jambox!