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Even though a Saturday or Sunday differs little from a weekday for us, each being referred to as Sameday on our boat, we decided that, given the holidays and all, we were both due a day absent of boat chores. Although there are many things we could have chosen to spend our free time doing, top on our list was getting off the boat to go for a nice hike around the island.

When we were last in Bequia, we completed a walk to the end of the island and back, a trek that we felt was definitely worthy of being repeated. This time we were armed with the nice Garmin Fenix watch that our friend Carl gave to us and so equipped, were able to determine that the walk was a good 9 miles long! Fortunately the sun was partially obscured for much of the day making it quite a bit cooler than the last time we completed the hike.

From the dinghy dock to the tip of the island and back was 9 miles.

One of the fellow hikers we saw. He was traveling a bit slower than us so we let him be.

This guy was a bit quicker but wanted little to do with us.

What else are these nice smooth trees for if not for pole tricks?

Monkey see, monkey do. Yeah, yeah, I know, Rebecca’s was better.

We were looking for Christmas trees but could only find these.

What started as a fairly dreary day turned out to be quite nice.

Unlike some other islands, Bequia takes the Christmas holidays quite seriously and they’ve had entertainment just off the dinghy dock each evening. Although we could hear the music drifting over the anchorage each night that we’ve been here, yesterday was the first time that we decided to join in. We were quite amazed at the transformation the waterfront had undergone in the darkness, the Christmas lights shining brightly all around. Various entertainers took the stage singing carols and dancing, something we both appreciated. We’re only sorry that our friends and family weren’t here to share it with us. We have been keeping in touch with them though and know that they’re all having a great time where they are, and that makes us happy!


  1. The lights are beautiful. You guys are truly blessed.
    I hope that you get everything you want for the Holidays

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Would your Garmin watch work as a backup GPS at sea?

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