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It’s now official, Katana is no more. The new “Registered” name of our Catamaran is…


Although it was never our intention to change our boat’s name, in order to register it we needed to (the name Katana was already in use*). After deliberating for ages on what name to use, Zero To Cruising seemed most appropriate given that it is the name we created on the day we first concocted our cruising plan.

So yes, we will now need to do the official de-naming and then naming ceremonies, which includes much champagne being offered to the gods of the sea and wind. A great excuse for another party!

*For anyone who is looking to register their boat in Canada, be aware that Transport Canada does not search names based solely on spelling. If there is a boat already registered with a name that SOUNDS LIKE the name you want, it will also be disallowed. In our case there was a boat registered by the name of Catana.


  1. I win, I win…..Let me know the dates of the free cruise I get

    • I’m pretty sure we didn’t agree to that but you are welcome to come and see us when we get to the east coast. With a fast boat like yours it won’t take to long to get to NYC.

  2. Nice! I am looking forward to your de-naming and re-naming rituals. We have had our boat (came with the name Kajestic) for 6 years now and still can’t decide what to re-name it.

  3. Our PDQ was originally “Auspicious” and we couldn’t wait to lose that! I don’t feel like an “auspicous” person. I’m not sure what that would feel like.

  4. Helen A. Spalding

    Does that mean she’s “Zero” for short?

  5. Or perhaps “Z’Cruise” (spoken with a Pepe lePew accent)

  6. Congratulations! Double the fun with the double ceremony!
    Be sure to only offer the very best to Neptune.

    • Thanks Kirk!

      Sadly I had to look up Slainte’ to see what it meant, and I’m still not sure how to pronounce it.

      • Say “slancha”
        I get tired of “fair winds and following seas”… Although I wish them to you as well.
        And actually the accent is over the a as in
        Too much Jameson tonight.

        Don’t forget to place a branch on the bow to enure safe return from your journeys.

        • Hmmm… branch. I’m not familiar with that. I’l have to study up on my ceremonies.

          • We did not have to perform a de-naming ceremony.
            For our christening, we followed the ceremony we found at:

            BTW, sometimes I find it difficult to type a reply due to an ad overlaying the reply box. Right now, I cannot see a fair amount of what I am typing as there is an ADT ad overtop of it.
            Thought you might want to know.

            • Thanks for that link, Kirk, and the info on the ad conflict. I’ll see if I can replicate that, not that I would know what to do about it.

  7. I knew Canada didn’t allow duplicate names but I didn’t realize they were so strict regarding sound alike names. The US Coast Guard allows duplicate names, when we were searching for a name every time we came up with something we liked that we thought was at least a little original we would look it up and find there were at least 50 boats already documented with that name (there are a handful of Imi Loas and one other ‘Imi Loa). By the way, I checked and there are no documented boats named Zero to Cruising. I like Zero to Cruising a lot, it is original, has a nice ring to it, and it says a lot. Are you planning to use John Vigor’s denaming ceremony?

    FYI I read in one of my cruising books that cruisers are often referred to by their boat’s name (e.g. the Katanas invited us aboard for sunset cocktails) so it is possible you will become known as the Zeroes (Zeros?) 🙂

    • Zeros “might” be appropriate. 🙂

      Yes, that is the de-naming ceremony we intend to use. On the page you linked there is a pretty short christening ceremony, MUCH shorter than this one:

      • That is long, longer than our wedding ceremony I think. We will also be using John Vigor’s denaming/renaming ceremony, nice and simple. It will be a pretty easy process for us since we haven’t found any traces of previous names on our boat (she was named Dauntless but I guess the name was never actually placed on the boat). We will be renaming our dinghy as well, I wonder if the ceremony is necessary? I guess I’ll be buying another bottle of champagne.

  8. Have any Italian roots?


    Congrats! Way to keep a “sea”-cret!

    Fair Winds,

  9. We used both Commander Bob’s and John Vigor’s ceremonies, one to dename and the other to re-name. We also placed a green-leafed branch on the bow for safe returns. And as you’ve already heard, dedicate one nice bottle of champagne to the gods, and it is said to be sure to remove EVERYTHING with the old name from the boat before renaming it. BTW … love the new name!

  10. Helen A. Spalding

    Of course, you could just call her “Cruising” for short. Then you would be the “Cruisers”! Ah well, what fun! I finally sold my big house! Took an ENORMOUS loss on it due to the actions of my tenants. However, at least it is SOLD! We close at the end of the month. The buyer is paying CASH! One down, one to go.

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