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Given the time and a decent internet connection, both Rebecca and I enjoy reading numerous cruising blogs, especially over morning coffee. In fact, you can see quite a number of them linked on our Research Page. As we are planning on heading south and have done some studying, we are somewhat familiar with the geography of the Caribbean. We are not at all familiar with any of the cruising areas across the Atlantic though, which is exactly where the blog Roaring Girl is currently based. I find the contrast quite interesting.

We will be leaving Waupoos this morning, heading back towards Kingston. That will mark the end of our Prince Edward County circumnavigation and the beginning of our final departure preparations. We have numerous ends that we need to tidy up in the next two weeks so there won’t be quite as much time to “smell the… blueberries.

Are you supposed to put the blueberries in the basket, or eat them?

Speaking of blue, we had breakfast at the “Blue Moose.”

Rebecca on the dinghy dock at the winery, pointing the way home.


  1. Well, whether you explore the Atlantic, the ICW or just head for the Caribbean, you will have fun. I see that Rebecca can find a place to dance wherever she goes! Enjoy!

  2. Wait a minute..she’s pointing about a 45 deg angle..are you from outer space??

  3. Hi and thanks for the check in. We’re sweltering through a siesta right now on the (free!) quay at Olbia doing an enormous boat clean up. Best of fair winds for when you do depart. How long will the first passage be?

    • You’re welcome.

      I think it is about 8 hours to Oswego from here. We might stop at the half way mark which is Main Duck Island and anchor there, just for the fun of it.

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