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Since we returned from the Galapagos, there has been a whirlwind of activity on Frost. We are once again multitasking, completing projects ourselves, and overseeing other work being completed by tradesmen. One task that we just had taken care of by the boys from Dynamite was the replacement of our diesel deck fill fitting/cap. While not a huge job, it is an important one.

Yes, the deck could stand to be re-finished. Function before cosmetics!

Not long ago, I took note that the older fitting, quite possibly the original one, had corroded with age, and was no longer able to make a proper seal. Having the cap seal properly is extremely important as it keeps water, both fresh and salt, from entering the fuel tank. Upon inspection, we also found that the short length of hose located below deck, linking the fitting with the tank, was old, brittle, and cracked. Although it wasn’t leaking, yet, it was definitely due to be replaced. I am happy to report that all of the old bits have been replaced, and in fact, I can confidently say that the new installation is even better than the original.

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