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For those who may not have the opportunity to do a trip like this themselves, here are some sights from our Panama Canal transit on Two Fish. Note that the first three locks were completed in the evening. We then spent the night anchored in Gatun Lake, transiting the final three locks back down to sea level the second day.


  1. You two look a bit relaxed!!! That’s a good thing!! Stay safe and have fun!

  2. Are you going through the Panama canal on the world arc trip or independent?

  3. Did you have to have a canal employee onboard for the duration of the trip?

  4. Hi Mike, sounds like you are enjoying the adventure! In my searches I can never seem to find a definitive answer to the question “How much does it cost to cross the canal?”. Is this something you can share with us when you have the time?


    • We don’t really have clear data on this as our friends are with the World ARC and their fees were wrapped up in that. Sorry. I guess we’ll find out when we go through ourselves.

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