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Today is a BIG day for our friends on Two Fish, as they begin the BIGGEST passage on their way to Australia: Galapagos Islands to the Marquesas. The trip could take them as little as two and half weeks, and as much as four weeks. Jason does a great job of planning, taking advantage of whatever wind is available, and sailing the boat to the best of its ability. As evidence of that, we just found out that Two Fish took first place in her category in the last leg of the rally (Las Perlas to the Galapagos). Mother Nature has the final say though.

We’ve each made our guess as to how long the passage will take them, so I can tell you this much, we’ll be following along, and if you’re so inclined, you can too! To do so, check out the World ARC Fleet Viewer page, and/or download the smartphone app called YB Races (Yellow Brick Races).

Fair winds, friends!

The pink boat that you can see out ahead is Spirit, a very fast Swedish-flagged monohull. They had friends/family to meet so were forced to leave a bit earlier than the rest of the fleet to meet that schedule.

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