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When you go to leave a dock and you find that the water has dropped so much that you’re now stuck in the mud, the day can only get better, right? Yes, the Captain-Ron docking maneuver that we used to get into our tight little spot in Oriental was only surpassed by the team effort of towing and pulling our boat out of the mud that was holding us against the wall. Why were we stuck? It’s that damn wind-effected tide again, with the strong south winds blowing the water out of the bay.

Leaving the dock in Oriental, just after getting freed from our tight little spot.

The winds yesterday were blowing 15-25 knots but we knew we only had a few hours of motoring to get us to our day’s destination, Beaufort, NC. For the record, this is pronounced Bo-fort, not Bue-fort, which is located in South Carolina. Motoring along with our friends on Knot Tide Down, we were happy to have our first dolphin sightings. Like beautiful sunrises (which coincidentally I can see right now), if you see them all the time it might get old but this is the first time Rebecca or I have seen them in the wild and we were quite excited. Very cool. What else did we see? Palm trees! We definitely must be heading in the right direction.

After dropping the hook in Beaufort, Rebecca set off to do her TRX workout while I took a crack at installing the $1.00 solar charger that I mentioned yesterday. I am ecstatic to report that it works! Our battery charger was showing positive amps coming in. We have never seen positive amps unless we were hooked to shore power or running Ronzo (our Honda generator). Now I’m even more stoked to add to our solar array.

It works! Woo hoo!

As I said, the day could only get better, and it continued to do so. Anchored just up from us are Kevin, Dena and their 12 yr. old son Connor, some friends of Knot Tide Down, who have been traveling for over a year now on their Lagoon 410 Sabbaticus. We were happy to be invited to join them on their boat last night and as we have come to expect, they are very cool. Spending time with new friends made for a great end to the day.