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Simple changes can make a world of difference. As you probably already know, Mike and I transferred all of my StrengthPLUS fitness posts over to this website. I had been resistant to do this before because I liked the idea of having my own website; however, knowing how much the Zero To Cruising site has grown over the years – over a million page views at present count– it only makes sense to make this a team effort.

I am going to keep today’s post short and simply share this video that we recorded yesterday. It demonstrates an anaerobic conditioning workout that we used at our Martial Arts gym. We called it “The Holyfield Workout” as it is based loosely on a 3-minute drill that the world champion boxer of the same name did as part of his training strategy. You can find Evander’s actual workout here.

If you’re training for a fight…

During my fight training days, I would repeat this circuit for 3-5 minutes straight depending on how long the rounds of my fights were going to last. Included is some footage from 2006 of me doing the workout at our gym. I definitely look a lot slower doing it now but then again, doing it on sand is a bit more difficult!

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  1. Very cool video. I liked the flash back video in the fighter garb. I don’t think you’ve lost anything since.

  2. Came across your blog and I must say it is really interesting! I’m really into travel and fitness that’s why I really like it more! Thanks for sharing Rebecca!

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