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One of the questions that I frequently get asked is how I stay so motivated to workout everyday. It’s easy to fall into the habit of not exercising so staying motivated is key to keeping up with a fitness routine. The following are some of the ways that keep me on track as well as some other tips that may help you:

1. Prepare. Every morning I decide on what workout I am going to do and write it down. I like to make up my own workouts so I let my creativity take over, that way I can come up with a fun training session. Having a plan as to what you are going to do is a good way to help get you started.

2. Music. I have a play list of some of my favorite tunes and like to play it while working out. I like to change this up every so often so that I have new music to listen to. Be sure to pick some upbeat music that makes you want to move!

3. Schedule. I workout pretty much at the same time each day. I have made it a priority. Scheduling your workout into your day will ensure that you make the time to do it!

4. Change. I rarely do the same workout routine twice in one week. I get bored easily so I change up my routines all the time, adding in new exercises. Changing up your workouts not only will help to fight boredom, it will also allow you to target more muscle groups when you add in different exercises.

5. Realistic goals. I set goals for myself on a regular basis. Start with short term goals that you know you can attain without too much trouble. Once you get into a routine, you can start to set more challenging goals that may take a little longer to achieve but will keep you focused.

6. Rewards. Having something to work towards is a great external motivator that can be used along with your goals. Start with a lot of rewards at the beginning then gradually cut back for longer periods of time once you get yourself in a routine. Rewards could be food related (don’t get carried away), but better yet it could be something like buying a new piece of clothing, a night out on the town, going to a movie, etc.

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7. Workout with a partner. Although I typically work out on my own, sometimes it’s nice to have someone else to workout with on those days that the energy and motivation are just not quite there. Do you have a significant other who likes to work out too? Or maybe a friend would like to get together to workout with you? A partner can help push you to workout harder or they can be there to ensure that you are executing the exercises properly.

8. Check weight/take measurements/pictures. I check my weight every couple of days (yes, I have a scale on board and yes, it’s a little hard to weigh myself on a boat but I can at least get an estimate). I find that it helps me to stay on track. Realize however that weight can fluctuate quite a bit and you may even put on weight through gaining more muscle. Better to take measurements, look in the mirror and/or take pictures. Seeing yourself getting in better shape will help increase your motivation level. Remember, it takes time to start seeing results but consistency will pay off.

9. Keep a log. On top of scheduling your workouts, keep a log of when you have worked out and for how long. You could also add in things like, how you felt after the workout, a rating on the workout itself (too easy, too hard…), what exercises you have trouble with/ones that you need to make harder, etc. It’s nice to be able to go back and look to see how much you have progressed.

10. Read fitness blogs, websites, magazines, etc. to give you inspiration and ideas on different workout routines/exercises.

11. Don’t compare yourself to others. Realize that everyone’s body is different. Focus on what you want to achieve for yourself.

12. Talk your way out of excuses. Recognize that you will probably come up with excuses not to exercise. When these excuses come up, try having a conversation with yourself (sounds silly I know but you don’t have to talk out loud unless you want to). Make the excuse sound ridiculous or remind yourself of the consequences if you DON’T workout. It works for me!

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