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Enjoyment can come in a variety of ways and one’s idea of it can differ from one person to the next. While some like to read, others would rather practice playing an instrument or work on a craft. Some enjoy hiking; others would rather sit on a beach.

The important thing is to find something that you enjoy doing and not always do what someone else perceives as being fun. When you are in a relationship, understanding each others’ perception of fun is key. Sure it is nice to have some things in common so you have occasions that you can enjoy together but if you have something that inspires only you, you should go do it!

Mike and I have fun doing many things together but there are definitely things that I like that I know Mike is not as keen to do. Likewise, there are things that Mike enjoys doing that I do not. As long as we continue to enjoy a few activities together, we find that it is often nice to spend a part of the day doing our own thing. The things that make us happy.

Check out my latest exercise video in which I demonstrate a way to achieve a full-body workout using a fender ball on the side deck:


  • Elevated side lunge (right foot on fender)
  • Elevated side lunge (left foot on fender)
  • Hands on ball push up / front squat
  • Bulgarian split squat (right foot on fender)
  • Bulgarian split squat (left foot on fender)
  • Decline push up / alternate knee tucks


Do each of the exercises in a circuit for 50 seconds each resting 10 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. Complete 4 sets.

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