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In cruising circles, a Gold Star Day is defined as a day when no money is spent. In Sint Maarten the only way that is likely to occur is if you don’t leave the boat. Fortunately for our budget, that is exactly what happened this past Thursday. The weather was crappy and I wasn’t feeling super energetic, especially after completing my TRX workout on board ZTC, so I opted to just stay put. The result of that decision was a few less dollars parting from my wallet. When Rebecca returns we really need to get away from this place and find a deserted little island because it’s way too easy to spend $$$ here and I’m not quite ready to get a job yet.

By the way, 10 of our friends arrived here in Sint Maarten yesterday which, although I’ll now have a bit more company, is not going to make accumulating Gold Star Days any easier!

A few of the crew involved with some late-night mischief. Do they look like they’re going to be a good influence? My thoughts exactly!


  1. From the look of that bunch, you’re in trouble.

  2. seriously, you would go to work? And there?
    Al and I tried to return to CK on Thurs and I got “denied ” entry at first b/c I have been in USA too long. For some reason they decided to to let me stay until Dec 29, when I will return and re-enter in Jan for a short stay. I found out I can only be in the USA 182 days a calendar year. Period. Anyway since I really havewanted to get in a rythym of a snow bird I am not upset. But it was an interesting and long day.

  3. Yep, I see trouble and the loss of those “gold stars” ahead!

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