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Recently our friend Brittany made a post on their blog Windtraveler titled You Might be a Full-Time Cruiser If. It was pretty funny and the things she mentioned were just about universally true. One particular item that she mentioned that I had been intending to write about relates to clothing.

you pretty much wear the same thing every day, and no one notices or cares

How true this is, especially the last part.

Could you imagine showing up at the office each day wearing exactly the same dress, or going to school in the same T-shirt for an entire week? If not the subject of public ridicule, you would definitely be the source of some behind-your-back gossip, guaranteed.

Not so out here though. While cruising around the Caribbean we pretty much live in shorts or bathing suits. We “might” alternate the shorts we wear each day, or then again, we may not. Unless we’ve been out hashing and thus are covered in mud, have been exercising and are all sweaty, or have been working on engine repairs are all greasy, our clothes are seldom dirty enough to require laundering after only one day’s usage. And we do have to conserve water, of course.

Back on land I would seldom have worn a piece of clothing so much that it disintegrated. Out here though, exposed to the sun, salt and rigors of life on a boat, having a pair of shorts or a T-shirt self-destruct is not uncommon. We definitely could take jobs as quality-control testers for product lines. My favorite shirt is one that I purchased in 2003 when Rebecca and I honeymooned in Brazil and I am happy to report that it is still going strong. Sadly, many others have been faced with an early burial.

No, fashionistas we are not. But I’d rather put the money saved by not having a big-budget wardrobe into something more practical, like a cold beer at a beach party. And speaking of beach parties, I was at a great one at Buccaneers last evening!

The gang was all gathered together at Buccaneers Beach Bar.

The party started earlier in the day but as the sun set the fun really got going.

Orange Grove, one of the featured acts. Great reggae!

Thanks to Kevin and Dena from s/v Sabbaticus for taking all these shots.

I loved the cool fire ball!

But (butt?) speaking of laundry, if everyone dressed like this it wouldn’t take too much water to wash the clothes, would it? Remember, Kevin took this shot, not me!


  1. Fireballs are awesome. There is one at one of the places in Trellis Bay as well. Once it gets going, you can’t get very close to it for sure. The heat always feels good though.

  2. Hey…what’s up with the haircut? I almost didn’t recognize you in the picture. I guess a cruiser should get a haircut at least once in 500+ days 🙂

  3. Wow, I’ve never seen a fire ball before … so cool looking!

    We’re looking forward to a limited wardrobe. However, as a woman I’m noticing that the ladies in this picture look pretty well dressed! Love your new haircut!

  4. Full Moon Parties @ Tellis Bay, BVI


    and New Year’s Eve…(who needs a full moon to party?)

    Yes we planned our trip to be in Trellis Bay each time. That and the Leverick Bay beach parties were the best evenings. (party wise)

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