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Could it be that the ghouls, ghosts and goblins running free during last night’s Halloween festivities scared the hurricane season demons away? While officially running from June 1st until November 30th, some insurance companies, ours included, deem the Atlantic Hurricane Season to have ended yesterday and thus consider it safe to begin moving northward again. A look at NOAA’s forecast page this morning might seem to confirm that, and so would the travel plans of some of our cruising friends who have already begun to start creeping up island again. Regardless of what dates you consider to be the official end though, keeping a close eye on the weather to catch any late-developing storms remains the prudent thing to do.

Rebecca, Carl and I celebrated last night at a special Wednesday moonlight hash run, complete with fancy dress (I put that term in there strictly for the benefit of our UK friends who don’t realize that we refer to them as costumes). The hash couldn’t have been based at a better place, Fort Matthew, and it came complete with spooky tunnels, cemeteries, dark trails and “actors” who’s mission it was to startle the hashers. It was a perfect way to spend the holiday.

Refrigerator poetry Carl, all ready for a night on the town (or on the trail).

The bar at Fort Matthew, down in the tunnels.

Our favorite “hares,” Lucy (Doggy Style) and Philip (Granddad).

They look great even after the hash!

One of the best costumes of the night, Chris, dressed as a shrubbery.

And last but not least, our costumes, photo courtesy of Carl.


  1. OK Mike, off subject, unless you’re a ADDddDDddD as me.

    I was thinking in travel, it would be good to use a Major credit card for everything, then E pay the balance each month. My reasons are. 1. It puts a wall between you and your money, the card company is on the hook. (your 2 accounts method does this) and 2. You might actually build some reward points and snag a few free nights in Hotels!

    This spawned from the comment in yesterdays post.

    And finally to comment on this actual post, Ask Chris is he is a Knight of Ni, bringing an shrubbery!

    • That is an excellent system in North America and perhaps other places. We found that a HUGE number of places from the Bahamas to Grenada add a surcharge to purchases paid for by credit cards though, typically around 5%. For this reason we stopped using credit cards for most purchases.

      As for Chris, he may very well be!

  2. I’ll go off subject too. Thanks for that picture of Refrigerator Carl, I think it’s also a picture of the full width sliding hatch. Yes?

    • Not a great pic but yes, with it open. If this were closed Carl would not be able to stand up. When we are on the boat it is ALWAYS open. We only close it for security when leaving the boat.

  3. Very clever costumes. Well done. We will be borrowing it for future use, with appropriate thanks. Cheers!

    I get itchy looking at people wearing blankets in high humidity / hot temps….not going there.

  4. I liked “Exercising Demons” better.

  5. mike, you mentioned your insurance lets you go north come november 1. What company do you have as we are looking to expand our coverage for the caribbean this year

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