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The cover photo for today’s post, taken just 2 days ago, shows the stark contrast between a dramatic sunset, and an almost full moon. The two pics were taken only moments apart from one another, and I quite like the collage. In my opinion, the two photos side by side vividly display the change that takes place for each one of us, every single day.

The photos below, while not quite as dramatic, show some significant change as well. The two shots in that collage were taken exactly 4 minutes apart, demonstrating just how rapidly the weather can, and does change on the water. With squalls like that passing through here multiple times each day, Rebecca and I have been getting plenty of exercise from the repeated close-the-hatches, open-the hatches drill that we are forced to perform each time the rain starts and stops.


The same spot, pics taken just 4 minutes apart from one another.

As a matter of fact, there is a 25 knot squall occurring right now! On the bright side, our batteries are happy from the wind generator spinning so vigorously.




Of course, without the squalls, we wouldn’t get rainbows like this.
Thanks to Sunny and John from the Amel Notre Vie for taking this cool photo of Frost.

In other news, Facebook reminded me that three years ago today I posted about our accumulated sea miles, and at the time, the sum was 8726.4 nm. I haven’t gone through the exercise of figuring out what today’s total would be, but I am curious.


In spite of the close-the-hatches, open-the hatches “exercise” that I mentioned above, Rebecca has been keeping herself busy. This was recorded on a beach not far from where we’re anchored.