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In preparation for submitting my documentation to the BVI to obtain my BVI Boatmaster License (yes, even more hoops to jump through), Rebecca and I spent several hours going through each and every entry in our log books and then plotting them on our computer charting program to update my record of sea miles traveled. The last time we did this was in June 2011, shortly after we arrived in Grenada. We completed that exercise in preparation for my Yachtmaster exams and at the time, found that we had traveled just over 4400. The total today, almost 2.5 years later, is just over 8700.


  1. That is very impressive. And not just made up of massive trans-atlantic trips, but with difficult coastal pilotage, general navigation and anchoring etc.

    Congratulations to you, both of you!


  2. What is the BVI Boatmaster licence all about?


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