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To us, selling off everything and running away to live on a sailboat, when you don’t yet know how to sail, sounds a bit crazy. Apparently it’s not quite crazy enough. I stumbled across a Blog written by two Canadians from Vancouver who not only did (are doing) just that, these two are sailing around the world!

I have been captivated by their Blog which is detailing their trip and am truly inspired. Check it out:


  1. Just came across your site and plan on thoroughly exploring and reading!! bit of info. I hail from a bit west of you in Belleville and parents are still there. I’m glad to hear of other people who are just as crazy as we are. We are in the process of selling our home and becoming liveaboards full time.. except I have 4 children ages 9 and under. So probably seem a bit crazier and also very limited..very …sailboat experience. Perhaps sooner than anticipated husband has the great job of working in alaska for the ever so popular BP..enough said on that. Sooo once we figure out what we are doing and manage to get our soon to be boat out of oil’s way we shall of course be making the trek upwards into Canada…..Refreshing to see someone esle has done this and proven themselves not to be actually crazy!!!! Kim

    • Hi Kim

      Thanks for the comment. Where is your boat now?

      As for cruising with kids, yes, that’s a bit more crazy 🙂 than what we’re doing but many people have certainly done it. In fact, one of our dock neighbors just told us that he and his wife sailed to the bahamas in 1980 with 3 kids; 10, 8 and 14 months! They also did it on a 30 footer!

  2. Gday! Since you requested to learn of any broken links- I think slapdash (in this old post) is dead. I couldn’t get it to load anyway! Cheers from down under!

  3. Hello, my name is Rosaria.
    I’ve just stumbled across your blog and I’m loving it. You are an inspiration to me and hope to follow in your foot steps soon. My husband and I have sailed a little and I’m truly considering in taking a 7 day sailing course so that I can get more experienced with sailing. We are both in our sixties and sometime wonder if it may be too late for us to sail. My dream has been just that, to live aboard and sail around the world . At this time we live aboard a motor home full time , but my heart belongs to the sea. I will be following and showing your post to my partner, so that he may get as motivated as me. Thank you.

    • Hi Rosaria
      Thank you for commenting. Trust me, it is definitely NOT too late for you. We know plenty of cruisers in their late 60s and 70s. We’d love to see you out here!

  4. Good Morning
    I love your blog.
    My husband and I are wanting to sell everything and live on a sailboat and live off the grid. We have chartered a sailboat in BVI 3 times with friends. The last being in May. 2016. For 8 days, with 8 friends on a Cat. Loads of fun. The previous 2 times we chartered a 31 ft monologue. The Cat had more rom, My husband sails with a sailing group in SF bay. We are in our late 50’s and ready to do this. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Deb and Rick

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