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Perhaps I should stop doing so as it feeds my already well-developed FoMO (Fear Of Missing Out) but I still routinely check a number of bikepacking groups on Facebook. I guess it’s my way of remaining connected with our friends who are still out on the road while we’re back in Canada doing our best to settle down. One of the things that fairly regularly pops up in those groups are posts where people are looking for a suggestion for a bicycle mirror. Well, it just so happens that I have one that I can recommend.

Adjustable and robust!

I’ll lump our mirror selection into the dumb luck category as I pretty much just chose one at random from the countless that are available on Amazon. As it turned out though, the inexpensive mirror that we selected is a real winner. Not only is it super adjustable, it also easily folds out of the way when leaning the bike up against a wall, or when navigating between close vehicles or trees. I actually clipped it on a tree the other day when riding some tight single track and it folded out of the way without any intervention or damage. In addition to those benefits, it is also amazingly robust. We have our mirrors positioned so that they extend a bit beyond our handlebars and I have lost count of how many times we have dropped the bikes directly onto them. Result? No damage whatsoever! Shocking, but true.

Five stars!

If you’re looking for a strong and adjustable mirror for bikepacking, or cycling in general, this one gets five stars from me. If you choose to purchase it from this affiliate link, we’ll even get a few pennies from Amazon making it a win-win situation.


  1. Bought the 3 pack, mirror, phone mount and light

  2. Hi Mike, sorry to report I ended up cancelling. I should have read the fine print like exchange and delivery to Canada etc. The total for the 3 items ended up at 125 cnd. I was expecting something less than 50. Sorry buddy, I’ll try to more diligent next time! lol

  3. Excellent Mike, I may send it to the USA and have a friend bring it. The duties and shipping were around 80 while the items were 45. I still want and need them so I’ll look into that. By the way, I had to move my chip truck from the Canadian Tire as they are under a major reno and there is no place for the trailer. But I have another good spot. I’m thinking of cashing in after this year if I can get my price. One of my employees who is retired wants the business. I would move back to my farmhouse in Lansdowne and finish up the renovations I started in 1996! Didn’t have much money back then. After this season I’ll have the money and the time. I’ll most likely live there for 3 years and then consider selling or renting it out. I’d like to do some traveling like you guys did. Anyways you don’t have to post this of course, take care, best of luck with your new adventures, Mark

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