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There are pros and cons to exercising on a boat. Among the pros is the benefit of being outside where you can breath in the fresh air, get your natural source of vitamin D, and be able to take in a nice view. Unfortunately, when the clouds roll in and rain begins to fall from the sky, it can often be a deterrent. If your only option for getting a good exercise session in is to do it outside, you shouldn’t let a little rain stop you. Here are a few tips to help you exercise safely on a boat in a downpour:

Dress appropriately

You are going to get wet, so wear something that is appropriate (like a swimsuit) or some dry-fit clothing. Wearing a hat is also a good idea as it will help to keep the water out of your eyes.

Choose appropriate exercises

The deck can get quite slick so choose exercises that will limit the possibility of slipping which, of course, may lead to injury. I don’t do much in the way of jumping exercises on the boat anyways but when it’s raining, I tend to choose even more simple exercises like static squats and push-ups instead of more complex movements such as step-out side lunges or plank jack push-ups. Also, be sure to hang onto something such as the mast or a stay when doing standing exercises.

Consider alternatives

Equipment can get slippery. Using that fender ball as a physioball during a rainstorm… not a good idea. Trust me. I am speaking from experience! Be careful about what equipment, if any, you choose to use when it is raining. Most times, I will opt to use no equipment although a suspension trainer works well if you choose the right exercises.


There will be people who will think you are crazy (or perhaps more crazy than they already think you are) when they see you exercising on your boat in the rain. For many people, the thought of going out in crappy weather to exercise is absurd. I have definitely gotten a few strange looks while I push through a workout in the rain but I am pretty sure many think I am a little nuts anyways. 🙂 As always, just remember why you are exercising and focus on that rather than what others may be thinking.