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Even though we’re not quite yet ready to leave Martinique, and Frost, Rebecca and I spent some time yesterday sorting through our limited belongings. Just as we did all those years ago when we were first planning our cruising adventure, we divided our stuff into several piles. Piles of things to keep, things to sell, things to dispose of, and things to give away (that is the most fun pile to create). As you might imagine, the stacks this time around are significantly smaller than they were the first time we went through this process, especially so because we’ve been working on getting rid of stuff for the last 8 months or more.

Finding out what your stuff is really worth:

One thing that we’re having difficulty finding a new owner for is our completely unused Patagonian guidebooks. When we were making ready to sail to South America, before our present difficulties fully made themselves apparent, we invested in all the guides that we felt were necessary. And due to the fact that the books are fairly specialized, they’re not inexpensive.

Like most things you own, you never know their true monetary value until you try to sell them. Don’t believe me? Try to sell something that you spent a bunch of money on and see what people are willing to pay for it. This is really worth considering before you trade your hard-earned cash for something new!

If you know someone who dreams of sailing south to the Land of Fire, similar to what we were planning to do, please share this post with them. They’ll be able to save a significant amount of cash by purchasing these books from us instead of buying them from a store.


  • Patagonia & Tierra Del Fuego Nautical Gde 2ND ED – Original price in US: $149.95
  • Yachtsman’s Navigator Guide Chile 3RD ED- Original price in US: $39.95
  • Chile Cruising Guide RCC 2nd ED- Original price in US: $67.95
  • Total: $257.85

We will sell the three books as a package for less than 40% of original price of $257.85. Only $99.00 US, plus shipping. If you’d like them, comment here or use the Contact form to reach us.   SOLD