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We are tucked away at an anchorage in the Exumas, Bahamas celebrating my favourite holiday of the year… Christmas! On this occasion, I am sharing this great TRX workout that I came up with and completed this morning. Being the 25th day of the 12th month, I decided to alternate the reps for each exercise between 25 and 12. This workout took me 25 minutes to complete. I rested only 30 seconds between exercises but rest times could be longer if needed. What a great start to the morning! We are off to explore the beautiful Exumas now. Have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone!

TRX Christmas in the Exumas workout:

  • TRX suspended lunges (25 reps/side)
  • TRX Burpee/Lunge combo (12 reps/side)
  • TRX Rows (25 reps)
  • TRX 1 arm/1-legged Rows (12 reps/side)
  • TRX Chest press (25 reps)
  • TRX One-legged twist/scorpion chest press (12 reps/side)
  • TRX front squats (25 reps)
  • TRX 1-legged front squat to superman (12 reps/side)
  • TRX T’s (25 reps)
  • TRX Y’s to one-legged squat (12 reps/side)
  • TRX Hamstring curls (25 reps)
  • TRX One-legged Hamstring curl to press (12 reps/side)
  • TRX body saw (25 reps)
  • TRX side plank with reach through (12 reps/side)

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