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With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve decided to give all my reader’s a special gift … the StrengthPLUS version of the 12 days of Christmas Suspension Trainer Workout. I used the AeroSling Elite suspension trainer but you could also use a TRX which I also enjoy using and have on board our boat.


Complete the following exercises doing the number of reps indicated in the same format as the song, “The 12-days of Christmas.”

For example:

  • Start by doing 1-Suspended push up;
  • Next, do 2-Atomic pikes followed by 1-Suspended push up;
  • Then do 3-Hamstring curls, 2-Atomic pikes, 1-Suspended push up;
  • … Continue on until you have done all 12 exercises.

Exercises involved:

  • 1-Suspended push up
  • 2-Atomic pike
  • 3-Hamstring curl
  • 4-Swimmer’s pull
  • 5-One-legged burpees (that’s 5 each leg!)
  • 6-Side lunges
  • 7-Front squat
  • 8-Alternating 1-arm rows with rotation
  • 9-Rows
  • 10-Alternating 1-arm chest press with rotation
  • 11-Chest press
  • 12-Skip knees

See how quickly you can complete the workout. Try to finish in less than 20 minutes but don’t forget to maintain good form on each exercise. Have fun!

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