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Now that we are back from our trip to the Galapagos where we had limited amounts of internet access, I am taking advantage of the reasonable wifi that we are getting in the boat yard in Trinidad. The video below was filmed on a beach on Contadora Island. Located about 30 miles off the Pacific coast of Panama, it is just one of many that makes up the Las Perlas Islands. The difference between low tide and high tide in this area is huge so we had to be careful when navigating and anchoring here. The beach that I paddled to in order to workout became nonexistent during high tide!


  • Forward/back lunge / jump split lunge
  • Eight count bodybuilder w/ tuck jump
  • Side to side jumps x10 / Forward/back jumps x10
  • Military push ups x5 / Plank cross knee tucks x3
  • High knees running


Do as many reps of each of the above exercises for 50 seconds resting 10 seconds between each one. Complete 4 sets.

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