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Who needs a gym when you can do a full-body exercise routine using a park bench? You really don’t need fancy equipment, or any equipment for that matter, to be able to accomplish an effective workout. From legs, shoulders and arms to chest, back and abs, this HIIT workout can help you to develop strength in all areas with body resistance alone. Watch the video to see how the exercises are done.

The park bench full-body workout:

To do this park bench workout, perform the following combination exercises for 50 seconds, resting 10 seconds between each. Complete the circuit 3x through.

  1. Step up hop / Step-back lunge
  2. Plyo tricep push up / Plyo chest press / Bench jump
  3. Bunny hops x2 / Mountain climbers x6
  4. Decline pike push up x2 / Elevated plank knee tucks x4

Have fun!