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Yesterday, while some sanding was being done on our boat that is now on the hard, Mike and I decided to go workout at a nearby park area. While Mike found a perfect tree to hang our aeroSling to do a suspension trainer workout, I decided that I would do the following plyometric-based bodyweight workout using the HIIT format.

The Boatyard Blast


  • Jump split lunges x3 / Skater lunge x2
  • Walk out plank climb / Frog jump
  • Burpee to surfer jump turn
  • Plank cross knee tuck / toe touch
  • Ninja jump / tuck jump
  • Plank jack / Oblique tucks / donkey kick


Do as many reps of each of the above combination exercises for 50 seconds resting 10 seconds between each one. Complete 3 sets.

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