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With the statistics feature on this Blog we can view the various internet searches that lead people here. Apparently some friends with whom we have shared the Blog title are a bit more creative in the spelling of the name than we are. On the subject of searches, can you guess the number one key-word search that draws people here? Captain Ron! Who would have thought it. Apparently that movie is a bit more popular than we were led to believe.

Today we are off to Ottawa to get our passports renewed. They expire at the end of the year so it needs to be done. Nothing like waiting in line for a few hours to add enjoyment to your day!

We are also going to be meeting up with some family members today for a short visit, and to pass along some boxes of stuff. We are certainly progressing in our seemingly never-ending battle with clutter. There are only a few large items that we NEED to get rid of before moving day. The largest of these items are two sea kayaks. Hopefully with the warmer weather here people will start dreaming of outdoor activities, ultimately bringing us more prospects for their sale.


  1. Hi, just found your blog today and reading from the start, it’s a heartwarming story, we liveaboard ourselves, on the inland waterways of England, we went through a load of stuff that you guys went through in the ‘Life before boat period’ ….. We’ve lived aboard for 3 years now and can’t imagine giving up this wonderful life, money is always an issue but watching the sunset over the water, with a glass of something cold, your soulmate by your side, water gently lapping at the bow and a smile in your eyes, priceless.

    Lots of love from the UK
    Tony and Max
    Aboard Misty Lady

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