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Tomorrow is, of course, V-Day, but what to buy the girl who has everything (including an adoring husband). How about a safety harness, in holiday-appropriate red?

Yesterday Rebecca and I travelled to Ottawa to visit with our daughter Cass. As we knew that we’d have some time to kill before she was done school, we made plans to visit a boat store there. Appropriately named The Chandlery, this place had a good selection of gear, including what we think were some decent safety harnesses. We have had harnesses on our wish list for some time, but as we wanted to be able to try them on before purchasing them, we avoided an internet purchase. Happy with the quality and the fit, we scooped a couple up, along with a misc. selection of other gear we needed (just small stuff).

Very romantic, wouldn’t you say?


  1. I absolutely agree Mike Sweeney!

  2. It’s going to be the most loved article of clothing she has if she ever ends up hanging off the side of the boat.

  3. What is the model? Looks interesting and simple.

  4. A demonstration that a loving husband wants to be sure his wife stays with the boat! How sweet! I think she should get you the same thing! 🙂

  5. Mike,

    I know you don’t want me to ask this question, but…

    don’t you already have harnesses built in to the Mustang Inflatable PFDs?


    • There you go commenting after we have already spent the money! 🙂

      Just kidding. Yes, our Mustang inflatables do have a harness built in. We have read that in the warmer areas, the harness itself is cooler and thus will more likely be worn. I thought that having both would be worthwhile.

      • I hear ya – it can get hot down here. Here is our philosophy.

        Harness gets worn:

        – any time we are underway at night and you have to leave the cockpit
        – any time on a passage and you have to leave the cockpit
        – any time you feel like you want to have it on (storm, big seas)

        FWIW, this boils down to “not very often”. For us, the Mustangs are comfortable enough to wear for the limited amount of time we have to wear them.

        PS – not so sure about the plastic 1 micron filters either. Great purchase on the chartplotter 🙂 Just tryin’ to add to the TDF 😀

        • I am all for adding to the fund!

          Do you think the filter won’t work or it will get clogged?

          • My take after a quick look is that it looks like a hassle since it’s not really designed to work in a pressurized system. Unless I misunderstood (a daily occurrence for me 😉 ), you have to hook it onto the faucet when you want filtered water, then off for unfiltered. Is that right?

            No question the Seagull is expensive, but if you start out with pretty decent RO water, the filters actually last for a really long time. I am due to change out the current one tomorrow (ok, it should have been a couple of days ago), but it has been in place for over a year. I can’t begin to tally of how many thousands of gallons we’ve run through it, but every drop we drink or cook with comes through that filter.

            Fair Winds,

  6. The Admiral and I celebrated Valentines Day by opening our newly arrived 12v refrigerator.Then we splurged with a $20 meal in Chinatown.
    Who said romance is dead?

  7. Very very nice!!! Points for you!

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