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Still hanging out in Martinique, Rebecca found details on a nearby hiking trail that she figured we should tackle. As you can see below, the “small” hill offered some nice views of Le Marin.

Clicking the above image will open a larger panoramic photo taken at the top of the climb.
No need for you to get sweaty to enjoy the view.

We walked to the trailhead from the new marina at Le Marin, but the high-traffic, no-shoulder road to get there sucks. It may be better from St. Anne, which is probably equidistant. Additionally, we left Le Marin at 10:00 AM. As the hike offers little shade, I’d suggest that this is a walk better done at sunrise, before the sun starts blasting!

We were surprised to see that the bike path, indicated on our mapping app by the blue-dotted line, was actually there. Unfortunately, it was only for a short distance, and the shoulder along the rest of the busy road was nonexistent!

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