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Just in case we can’t get anything online tomorrow. 🙂

*Sorry for the loud wind noise. We’ll try to do better next time!


  1. Mike, Do not forget ole “SPOT”. Keep us posted when you can. Wardreck Wells maybe next
    internet connection. Have a GREAT time. JC

  2. Is there anything better than greeting the rising sun while at sea??

    Have fun out there.

  3. I was hoping there was a video! Thanks for sharing. Oh, I wish we were there! We’ll just have to live through ya’ll for the next year or two.

  4. Mike, WW is the EXUMA LAND AND SEA PARK. They have internet. It is a Must stop.
    It is a National Park and has moorings. It is GREAT! Then you will hit Big Major Spot
    to see the swimming “PIGS”. Staniel Cay Yacht Club has internet and great food.
    Are you guys going to stop at ALLENS to check out Rock Inguians? JC

  5. Nice video…You know how I love blog videos…….Why are you guys not catching fish…..I told you to troll canadian bacon……..

  6. Sa-Weeeet! Well done!

  7. Nice!!!! Yes, SPOT please!

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