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Over a year ago, I posted a quote by Sterling Hayden, the first line of which is…

“To be truly challenging, a voyage, like a life, must rest on a firm foundation of financial unrest.

Well, as of today, that describes us well. We celebrated Rebecca’s final day of work yesterday with a bottle of champagne (thanks Jeff 😉 ). We will of course miss all of our good friends at MAP but we can see very clearly that the gym is in great hands and our role there is done. Keep up the great work everyone. We look forward to coming back to visit and seeing to what heights the gym, and its members, have grown.

Now that neither Rebecca nor I are working, the question of everyone’s mind these days is when are we leaving! If you haven’t yet done so, check out FAQ #8 for the hard and fast answer to that all-important question.

We are itching to get away from the dock though and if you look to the right-hand sidebar, where I’ve posted our “wish list,” you’d see that I’ve deleted a bunch of things off of it. Only one item remains: a Honda 2000 generator. It would be great if we could stumble across one while here as it will allow us to stay away from the marina for longer periods of time but if not, we’ll look to get one as soon as we cross into the USA.

Today we’re off for a sail with our daughter Cass to a new-to-us anchorage. Rebecca’s first day of freedom should be a great one!

Freedom… what better reason to dance on the bow?


  1. Congratulations Rebecca on being unemployed….If you lived in the states you could collect unemployment to help give you guys some petty cash….

  2. Helen A. Spalding

    Congratulations, Rebecca! Not long now. ENJOY!!!!

  3. Congratulations Rebecca (and Mike for gaining another full time boat monkey)!

  4. Yay and congratulations! We can’t wait to see you sailing through the Chesapeake!

  5. YEAH!!!!! I know that you both are thrilled. Enjoy and hope we see y’all on your way past Savannah, GA.

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