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Here’s another tough decision: what footwear do we bring?

I am, at this moment, staring at a pile of shoes in the hallway. In this large, semi-organized pile there are:

  • Winter boots
  • Hiking boots
  • Day-to-day running shoes
  • Our real running shoes
  • Boat shoes
  • Teva sandals

Elsewhere is the apartment are flip flop sandals and dress shoes (and boots) too numerous to list!

Which shoes will make the cut? Perhaps we should just avoid shoes altogether and go barefoot?


  1. Crocs,sandals,trail runners(some trails in the Carribbean can be rough,rock etc).
    Dress shoes-not gonna happen!
    Winter Boots-if you need ’em-you screwed up!:-)

  2. Foul weather (rubber) boots? We sure use ours in rough weather here. Perhaps that is a sign we should move south.

    • Exactly! You guys have the whole cruising thing backwards. You’re supposed to head south, not north!

      Seriously though, I bet the cruising areas north of you will Rock!

  3. I should say that for the record, in case anyone thought otherwise, Rebecca couldn’t be happier getting rid of all her high heal shoes. The only reason she has so many is because I bought them for her (I like them). I do agree that they won’t have much place on the boat though, unless we could re-task the thigh-high boots into waders!

  4. I think I took 6 or 7 pair of shoes/sandals the last time I went to USVI and ended up wearing a pair of Berks or flipflops the whole time I was there.

  5. Leather boots go moldy very quickly in the marine environment so you have to look after them. To use hiking boots usually means leaving the boat to climb a mountain which you very rarely do. Good walking shoes go much further while Teva sandals are a must not only for street walking but walking on reefs and stepping out of the RIB to walk the beaches.

  6. I would keep the Tevas, you won’t need the boots once you are south of about Virgina, because this year is an abberation. The Tevas are also about as dressy as you will need! You will need some swimming shoes or socks, because of the coral and stingy things that get stepped on by accident. Flip-flops are slippery when wet.

  7. Just skip shoes altogether, & go barefoot!

  8. Off for an 8-mile run this morning….barefoot!

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