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We are now entering the time of year when many cruisers are beginning to get a bit antsy about the necessity of moving south to H-free waters, especially those up north. We have several friends, some that we have met face to face and others that, so far, we have met only over the internet, who are still up in the Virgin Islands, some even in Puerto Rico. These are people who, like us, have plans to head to Grenada or Trinidad and still have quite a few miles to cover. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t really being very cooperative. The trade winds have been blowing in full force and are forecast to continue to do so. On top of that, numerous squalls have been occurring to enhance the wind and seas even more. In other words, it’s a good time to practice being patient. Mother Nature is a great teacher with respect to that, especially after you have had your “knuckles rapped with a ruler” once or twice by failing to wait for a proper weather window. We are continuing to wait but have, only just this morning, been discussing making a run for Grenada in one straight shot, a distance of approx. 160 nm, at the next bit of moderation. Until such time, we’ll be content to hang out here.

While we’re here, we are catching up on some boat chores. Yesterday’s task was to re-install our new radar reflector and re-run one of our flag halyards, a job that required climbing our mast to the spreaders. It was Rebecca’s turn to go aloft this time and she did a great job. Some of you may remember this post from Nov. 2011 where I showed the radar reflector that I had tied up above our deck. I never really trusted that thing being above our heads and thus, shortly after making that post, I went back up and removed it. Since that time, we purchased a different radar reflector but instead of installing it properly as I should have, I took the easy way and ran it up our port flag halyard. That worked fine for a time until the weight and motion of it caused the line to chafe through bringing it crashing to the deck one evening. This is why we were RE-installing it, properly, and RE-running a new flag halyard. Both jobs were completed without issue yesterday and we got some pretty pics as a bonus.

Rebecca climbed the mast herself using our ascender but has a back up line secured to her as well.

From this perspective you can easily see a couple of the reefs that are guarding our current anchorage.

Our new radar reflector, and a couple of our friends’ boats.

Every job needs a supervisor. 🙂

After that job was done we went for a bit of a dinghy tour back into the “hurricane hole.”

We see numerous wrecks in our travels. This one is back in the mangroves…

…and this one is on a reef just astern of our boat.


  1. Your rite there about waiting for the weather window, we are one of about 20 boats in Dominica waiting for a window we also know of another 4 in St kitts & Nevis. Banyon left yesterday on a small window of wind “hope they got their safe” but we still have some of the island we want to see. So hopefully next wednesday Thursday will give us another 24 /36 our window.
    We are also getting those boat chores done, Running lights “Bulb blown” window leak etc etc even down to just tightening loosened screws, As you & others know Its a never ending job on a boat. 🙂

  2. Interesting looking radar reflector. I’m sure you did your research first… details regarding your decision on this type?

    • In terms of effectiveness it is only one small step above having NO radar reflector. I bought it solely for its size and shape. I am not convinced that having one is even necessary though. I was picked up on the way to Trinidad by the oil station at a distance of about 10 miles. At that time we had NO reflector at all.

  3. When you get to Greneda, where are you going to harbor at. I like CCB alot!

  4. When I first saw the pic of your radar reflector I thought to myself, “should I tell him that type of reflector is marginal at best? Naw, REBECCA just made a trip aloft to install the damned thing… let it go.”
    I’m glad to read that you are aware of its relative ineffectiveness. I wasn’t aware of that fact myself until I had already purchased and installed mine, oh well. I always hope to be seen on radar, I just don’t count on it.

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