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After years of devoting my life to fitness and helping others to achieve their fitness goals, I have found myself aboard a 32′ catamaran after selling everything, living the life of a cruiser. What do you think one of the first questions people asked me when they were informed about this crazy idea?

“What are you going to do for exercise?” or “How are you going to stay in shape?”

Although I would laugh when those concerned individuals asked me those questions, I have to admit, this was a huge worry of mine when we first made the decision to undertake this adventure.

Now, 4 months into our journey, my concern is beginning to dissipate. Through self-motivation and determination to stay in shape, I find that I am able to keep on top of my workouts. Making these workouts physically demanding and not boring are two aspects that are extremely important for me when it comes to getting in some daily exercise.

My purpose in starting this blog is to share some of the exercise/workout ideas that I have been coming up with while we are underway on our boat, or when we stop at anchor. Obviously there are times when we are able to get off the boat and that opens up more opportunities for getting some daily exercise. Stay tuned for some workouts that I have enjoyed thus far!

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