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Today is a very special day for us Canadians: it is National Caesar Day. While those who don’t hail from the “Great White North” might be thinking “Why have a holiday celebrating a salad?,” the Canucks reading this know what I’m talking about, the official drink of Canada, the Bloody Caesar.

While I love a good Caesar salad, that ain’t what today is all about!

The Bloody Caesar, the national drink of Canada since 2010!

Unfortunately, here in Martinique, a key ingredient in the Caesar, Clamato juice, is completely absent from the grocery stores. They do have Beef Testicle Paste though???

No Clamato juice but they have this? WTF?

Note: Funny thing is, even though they have every other liquor known to man, including a thousand varieties of Rhum, one of the grocery stores that we frequent here doesn’t even sell Vodka!


  1. Will do. But I will pass on the paste lol

  2. Lambimato juice?

  3. What else would you expect? It is a FRENCH island!



  4. Living near Detroit, when my son turned 19 he made the requisite trip thru the tunnel to visit the Windsor Casino and order his first drink. He went up to the nearly empty bar and asked the guy what he should order for his first official drink . You guessed it, the guy told him to try a Bloody Caesar. He drank it, but I don’t think he was very impressed!

    • Our Irish friend ordered one while sitting on a patio with us, outside a restaurant in Kingston. Not knowing really what it was, when he took a sip I thought he was going to die. Hilarious! 🙂

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