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Some of you may have already had the chance to read the article that I wrote for the Spring 2012 edition of Multihulls Quarterly. If you haven’t, I just received their permission to post the PDF version of the article for our readers to download. Check it out and find out why we still think that Grenada is “the friendliest island in the Caribbean.


  1. Mike, you are richer than you lead on :-). You live your life as many only dream. You have a beautiful supporting life partner and lastly, have friends all over the world now! 😉

  2. Great article!! Can’t wait till we can get there!!

  3. Just awesome.

    What’s next? I thought the hiking guide idea was great, but lamentably, the target market is rather small. But still, it sounds like you’ve done more of that than nearly any cruiser.

  4. Bro, loved the article as always.

  5. I enjoyed your article and the book that took you there. My first time in Grenada was in the mid 70’s. I have been back regularly and while it has changed significantly, you are right. It is still the best island in the Caribbean. The East End of Grand Cayman is a close second.

  6. Great article Mike! I cannot wait to get there. Funny you mentioned An Embarrassment of Mangoes… I just finished that book myself. It’s a good read.


  7. Since you’re fame is growing, can you or have you attempted to contact your GPS maker for corrections to their charts? How about that for a job? Vsit everywhere to sharpen the charts and get paid!

  8. That is the very article that brought me to you guys! I came across it in that magazine and thought “wow, these guys are doing exactly what I’ve wanted to do for so long now”. You just set out and did it and that is inspiring!!! Can’t wait to join you… Looking forward to the next article 🙂

    • Hi Britton. Thanks!

      I am at this very moment uploading photos to the same magazine for our next article. It has a fitness theme (imagine that) and will be printed next Spring.

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