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How many positive seeds have Rebecca and I sewn? How many good deeds have we done? If we’re basing our good charter karma on past deeds, I’d say a considerable number because as far as quality guests go, we keep having winners! In this case, The Allen family were as pleasant as they come. In our relatively short career as charter crew, we’ve learned that just about everyone labels themselves as low maintenance or easy to please, even when it’s not entirely accurate. With the Allens, however, it was decidedly true. From morning to night, regardless of the location or the activity, all four of them greeted us with smiles on their faces. Of course, when you’re cruising in the Virgins, with its fantastic scenery and beautiful weather, it’s hard not to smile. And as you might imagine, having happy, smiling guests makes us smile too!

“The perfect vacation. Boat was amazing but you two truly made the trip. You were so sweet with the girls. Thank you!” — Julie Allen

“The food was amazing! Flavorful, plentiful, varied and healthy. You both did a wonderful job. We really felt comfortable and relaxed. Thank you for taking such great care of my family. We hope to see you again soon.” — Mike Allen

“I had so much fun! best trip ever!” — Annie Allen

“This was an amazing vacation and was made amazing in part by y’all. So, thank you for everything you did to make this vacation one to go down in the books.” — Morgan Allen


  1. Puffs you all up huh? Great reviews. The 24/7 part of chartering can be a challenge, but showing good people a good time in a great location on a great boat with all the toys and what YOU call home…. is kinda easy huh?

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