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You may have heard the poem…

June, Too Soon
July, Stand By
August, You Must
September, Remember
October, All Over

When it comes to that last line, tell that to St. Martin who just took a beating from Hurricane Gonzalo.

Boaters everywhere, including those outside of the path of the disturbance, watched the news closely as the storm intensified. Our friends in the storm’s projected track were reporting online, before, during and now after Gonzalo has passed. Fortunately, those in the Virgins were spared completely. The ones who professionally prepared their boats for the worst can credit a few extra points into their Black Box. St. Martin, on the other hand, was not so lucky, nor were nearby Anguilla, and Antigua. The photos we are now seeing for St. Martin show countless boats destroyed, and I’ve heard reports of at least one storm-related death. Our thoughts are with them, and we’re very thankful that we’re as far south as we are in (statistically) safe Grenada.

Note: The following pics are not mine nor do I know who they belong to so I can’t give credit. They were saved off my Facebook news feed.


  1. Seeing head sails, mainsails on these boats tells a real story …these boats were NOT ready! Sorry for their loss, but I sometimes think boat insurance gives people a lazy excuse to not BE READY! That well not be the case here, but it does make a difference to many.

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