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Rebecca and I would like to wish a happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family in Canada! We made the mistake of cooking the turkey that we purchased a few days early so no exceptionally large dinner for us tonight. Those of you celebrating in Canada, please have an extra helping for us. 🙂

On the subject of Thanksgiving, here’s something you may not know… the island of Grenada also celebrates a holiday known as Thanksgiving but unlike the Canadian and American versions, it has nothing to do with the harvest. Grenadian Thanksgiving, October 25, celebrates the American-led invasion of their country. Yes, seriously!

Check out the following nice video to see why we love Grenada so much.


  1. For the record, the second piece of pie I eat tonight is for you Mike…. Apple or pumpkin?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving eh?

    Sunday Morning on CBS actually brought it up this morning. Us US Citizens that have spent a significant amount of time in Canada are thankful you are our friends to the north.

  3. That looks a lovely turkey and trimmings. I hope you didn’t use a library picture!!!



  4. I know!!!! I was there for Granadian Thanksgiving last year!!!

  5. Hi Mike – An observation and then a question.
    I had heard in the past that Grenada celebrated their Thanksgiving because of the U.S. invasion. Having just read your link and learned what other people’s take on that piece of history has to say about all that, my question is why, if there was so much dislike for the invasion within the Grenadian community, are they celebrating? I’d think the attitude should be more along the lines of the Native American tribes concerning Columbus Day. Not a lot of the Native American tribes are happy with ol’ Christopher Columbus and are actively attempting to change the name. Like the party, but not the reason for it. 🙂
    Can’t say as I blame them.


    • Who says they weren’t happy about it? Just yesterday we drove by a building with grafitti that says “Thank you Americans for liberating us” or something to that effect.

  6. Thanksgiving !
    Yes we are grateful for freedom, for the nation we are.
    At that day we were under severe restrictions, and the most of us
    when we hear the helicopters, we gave thanks, yes thanks
    because it was a LIBERATION
    Our Prime Minister were executed , with his cabinet days before ,and ALL OF US IN GRENADA
    were under SEVERE RESTRICTIONS,we were in hands of the people who killed our PM
    so we are grateful, kneeling down, giving thanks to God for our freedom

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