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I must not have been TOO naughty as Santa was once again, pretty good to me. My wish list included only things I felt would be useful onboard Katana and that is exactly what I received, primarily in the form of tools.

Clamptite: I have had this item bookmarked on my computer for a long time. I have yet to test it out, because Santa left out wire from my gifts, but I think it will be very useful once I figure out the technique to using it.

Dremel 300: This has also been on my shopping list for ages. One tools list document that I have saved on my computer describes a Dremel tool as “the sailor’s friend for cutting, engraving, shaping or fabricating custom parts from virtually any material.” Good stuff!

Various C-clamps: When she asked me for gift suggestions I sent Rebecca a link to some c-clamps from Canadian Tire. Neither she nor I could tell from that link just how large and heavy the ones I had “asked for” really were. Let’s just say that they are only a tiny bit lighter than our Bruce anchor. Fortunately Rebecca saved the receipt and she and I will go back to the store to select a couple of smaller and lighter ones.

Rebecca’s gifts came primarily in the form of clothes; nice, soft, polar-fleece clothes. Unlike many women (and men) Rebecca is not a shopper and very seldom buys anything for herself. It’s a good thing that Santa could tell all of the items that she really likes and needs!

A perk from our house sitting job… Christmas in the hot tub!


  1. The Clamptite looks like a good solution for uses especially if the wires are stainless.

    I would have some concern about using it for any clamping situation in which there was a need for later removal because I can’t see how you’d be able to get the wires off without damaging the hose.

    Also, one other possible issue for consideration . . would the wires tend to cut into some hoses of softer material (i.e. – vinyl, etc.)

  2. Agree with the previous poster. Some hoses are too soft for a regular ideal clamp and require a shielded clamp.
    If using this tool would suggest monel wire; not stainless.

  3. Good thoughts guys. Thanks. I’ll be sure to consider all that when testing it out.

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