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Do you ever feel like you just want to scream? I do, and quite frequently, as of late. So tired are we from trying to answer, or in most cases dodge, the “Why are you still in Martinique?” question, we’ve actually gotten to the point where we’re starting to avoid having to speak with our fellow cruisers, which isn’t helping.


The inevitable result of our staying in one place too long.

Working hard to keep our focus on the goal.

Don’t worry friends… our drama will resolve itself, and shortly, I hope. In the meantime, with no new adventures of our own yet to share, I’ll leave you today with this older post from John Vigor. Are you a wanderer, and adventurer, or a dreamer?


  1. Why are you still in Martinique?

  2. Hopefully, those inquiring are coming from a good place since it is outside your normal pattern. (trying to be a more active member as opposed to a passive reader :))

  3. We know the feeling! We’re so tired of co-workers & friends asking why we haven’t left yet! Don’t know which is worse .. the endless boat projects that we didn’t anticipate while still working, or those questions of why we’re still here? Believe me, we’ve never stopped and we can’t wait to leave! If only life were as easy as it sounds .. just buy a boat and sail away .. LOL!

    Hang in there .. we’re “screaming” with ya! =)

  4. I feel your pain! I crossed the Gulfstream to spend the rest of the season in the Bahamas two weeks ago, I never made it and here I sit in Key Largo! Why are you in Key Largo they ask… sigh.

  5. Totally feel your pain. They keep asking why we’re still in the boatyard. 🙁


    I’m ignoring all communication from friends and family until we’re launched.

  6. Interesting enough, mine is the opposite. Mother – “You have a nice job. Why don’t you sale your boat and buy a house?”

    However, I think any question that gets asked multiple times by multiple people will drive you crazy.


  7. Relax mon, every little ting gon be alright!! Just tell ’em you’re on island time and chill. Things will work out and you’ll get back into your groove when the time is right.
    Also, thanks for your daily posts. I always look forward to seeing what you’re up to and getting my little shot of inspiration or information every day.

  8. Argh…. yes. We are on the hard in Sint Maarten, going in three weeks now. Get me the hell out of here! And please don’t ask me how much longer.

  9. All the time.

    Scares the cats.

  10. It’s easy for you to forget that you are still living an extraordinary life style. Your mundane going to buy groceries is an adventure we readers relish hearing about!

    So yes there is pressure, hopefully lovingly so, from your fellow cruisers to move on, but that is probably because they know you both and that your vision is for what lies beyond the horizon!

    May your “drama” be sorted soon and your life become more adventurous for yourselves again too!

    Here’s to a wet keel and a dry bunk!

  11. Why the drama? You’re the one who posts you’re every thought on a public forum, just tell readers and others why you’re still in the same place, you can’t expect people to interested in you’re blog where you discuss future plans etc then grump about people asking questions of you’re current/future plans. You want to have your cake and eat it…….comments like this I’m afraid are the perils of a life lived public, have a good day

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