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Long-time readers may recall my post about how we had no intention of traveling to Barbados. Well guess what? We’re now going. We are, however, not sailing there. Rebecca and I have flights booked out of St. Thomas on Sunday and because we love flying so much (NOT!) we will be stopping in Tortola, St. Thomas, Antigua and St. Lucia on our way there! Why would we do such a crazy thing? Great question. We’ll elaborate on that when we get back. For the present time know that we would much rather be serving icy-cold alcoholic beverages to some cool charter guests than traveling by plane to Barbados. Hopefully we’ll get at least a day of rest there before we have to return.

Jumping through more hoops!


  1. I one time flew Grenada to Trinidad to St. Vincent to Barbados to Antigua to St. Martin to Tortola… Don’t you just love LIAT?

  2. ……something about the statute of limitations?……

  3. Not even a hint….?

  4. On pins and needles!

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