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We are inching closer to being to being full-fledged boat owners! We may have decided to delay our cruising departure but the whole boat ownership thing is happening (potentially) on a much accelerated timetable. Our super-cool banker that we mentioned below told us on Friday that our financing was approved. Yeah! We immediately contacted Katana’s owners and told them of our intentions. Here’s what needs to happen now:

  1. Katana’s owners need to confirm acceptance
  2. Katana needs to be surveyed by a Marine Surveyor. This is a little tricky as we need to find a convenient place to haul the Cat out of the water. She is now located in Oakville. 
  3. The bank is doing a search of any liens on the boat (we have been assured by the current owners that there are none)
  4. We need to arrange insurance
  5. We need to confirm a slip to keep her in Kingston

Once all of that is put together and the deal is done we will of course need to sail her to Kingston! Oakville to Kingston… I wonder exactly how long that will take? I am thinking a couple of days. We have asked Anthony, Katana’s current owner, if he would consider making the delivery trip with us. This would give us some time to learn the boat’s systems from someone who has first-hand experience. Hopefully this, and the rest of the details, all come together.

We were in Montreal all weekend and on the way home today decided to take the scenic route along the 1000 Island’s Parkway. We have always laughed at everyone who has told us that Kingston is a great place to sail, only because our original plan had us buying a boat in Florida as opposed to here. Now that this has changed we are in fact quite excited about exploring the local sailing waters before we head South!

Portsmouth Olympic Harbour: where we hope to be able to keep our boat.

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