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We have a boat in our sights! Yesterday’s tasks:

  • Secure boat financing – underway – waiting on banker* to get back to us
  • Talk to Marine Surveyor – check
  • Find place locally to keep boat – I think we have this sorted

I won’t post any more details as I don’t want to jinx the deal. Let’s hope it works out. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday we were discussing ideas for our summer vacation this year. If we had a boat we may just be able to do something really cool!

*I have always had a thing against bankers. Having run a small business for over 20 years I have dealt with plenty of them. Virtually every one I have ever dealt with seemed to take great pleasure in making my life difficult. THIS banker is different. He Rocks! He has gone out of his way on multiple occasions to help us, in a variety of ways. Additionally he is a boat owner and sailor and thus can understand our dream. I won’t list his name here but if anyone in Kingston wants a referral for a great bank/banker just shoot me an email.


  1. Toes crossed here too! All your pals in Toronto are sending happy vibes….

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